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Ventz – The Original Rider Cooling System

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Ventz – The Original Rider Cooling System 1

Ventz – The Original Rider Cooling System 1Summer months are peak times for motorbike riders, but on sunny days protective jackets in leather and materials such as Gortex can cause overheating.  At best that’s uncomfortable, at worst its dangerous. Ventz Range has the answer and we’d like to send you a pair to review, so please get in touch below.

These simple plastic vents cost just £14.99 plus postage and are available worldwide.

Made from durable plastic and pliable rubber, they slip inside the sleeves and provide constant airflow through a rider’s jacket or suit, preventing latent heat build-up. This can help keep the rider comfortable, alert and, like the bike itself, working at the right temperature.

Typically the Ventz reduces the working temperature inside the jacket by 25% and keep a comfortable flow across your body, like fitting air-conditioning to your motorcycle.

When a rider gets too hot it can affect reaction time, concentration and cause dehydration. These are all proven contributory factors in more than 5000 accidents that result in serous injury and peak in the summer months when hobby bikers hit the roads en masse.

Riders are not required to wear protective leathers by law, either, and many opt for lighter clothes in the Summer months. It goes without saying that a high-speed accident without major protection can have horrific consequences.

Ventz boss Martin Warren believes the simple and cost-effective solution will make the leathers bearable on the hottest days and stop people gambling with their safety.

“When riding in warm weather,” says the company, “an invisible layer of hot air, trapped in your jacket, raises your core body temperature to uncomfortable levels, which can cause a dangerous loss of concentration. Ventz creates a flow of soothing air that removes the trapped heat, making your journey cooler and more comfortable. Safe and comfortable to wear, Ventz is effective for both the rider and pillion passenger.

“The insertion of Ventz into the sleeve opening of your jacket effectively turns the jacket into one large venturi system.”



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