Alpinestars Launches Tech-Air 3 Leather & Canvas VestsToday Alpinestars is launching the new Tech-Air® 3 Leather & Canvas vests at the legendary Daytona Bike Week. Alpinestars’ packable autonomous Airbag System is designed to ideally be worn over a motorcycle jacket, but can be worn under the jacket as well, providing effective and practical protection for V-Twin riders, touring riders, urban city commuters, and weekend warriors who want to ride protected.

The latest addition to the Alpinestars’ Tech-Air® family, Tech-Air® 3 Leather & Canvas Systems enable riders of all disciplines to benefit from a standalone, wearable garment featuring all the protection that Tech-Air® delivers, regardless of the bike they ride, or the style of riding they do.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air 3 Leather & Canvas Vests

Engineered to be worn in all weather conditions, the Tech-Air® 3 System’s lightweight construction and packable design allow it to be quickly folded up and stowed in a backpack, saddle bag, top case, or pannier when not in use.

Both the Leather and Canvas Systems’ outer chassis design also provides openings to allow customization through the sewing of patches or embroidery, if desired.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air 3 Leather & Canvas Vests

The state-of-the-art Tech-Air® System uses an advanced crash detection algorithm that leverages AI to deploy the airbag precisely when needed. The Leather and Canvas Tech-Air® 3 incorporates 6 integrated sensors (1 triaxial accelerometer and 1 triaxial gyroscope) to provide the best crash monitoring performance and active airbag protection in a variety of dynamic street riding scenarios, even when stopped.

An LED display on the front chest indicates the airbag’s operational status. The LED display also incorporates a haptic alert, which vibrates to confirm the System is armed and alerts the rider when the battery is running low.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air 3 Leather & Canvas Vests

Alpinestars’ crash detection triggering algorithm has been developed and refined over millions of kilometers of riding data and thousands of crashes, allowing the system to accurately assess when to deploy the airbag ahead of an impact or other dangerous situations like a lowside or highside crash. In the event the Tech-Air® 3 detects the start of a crash, the System will activate the protective airbag in milliseconds, providing upper body protection, and reducing up to 95% of the impact energy transferred to the rider anywhere the airbag protects, which includes the full chest and back.

A discretely hidden but easily visible LED display on the front chest indicates the Airbag System’s operational status and incorporates a haptic alert, which vibrates to confirm the System is armed, as well as alerts the rider when the battery is running low. Bluetooth connectivity to a Tech-Air® App allows monitoring of both the System’s operational status and battery status and mapping of your journey via MyRide.Alpinestars Launches Tech-air 3 Leather & Canvas Vests

When it comes to other features and benefits, the Tech-Air® 3 Leather & Canvas Systems are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing riders to easily update their System with new releases of the software via the free Tech-Air® App. Additionally, there is a wide variety of functionalities within the App, giving riders the ability to check System status, consult the User Manual, and record their rides on an enhanced Google map, just to name a few. Regarding battery life, a fully charged battery will provide the system with 40 hours of active ride time. A low battery will fully charge in about 4 hours; charging the battery for approximately 1 hour will provide approximately 8-10 hours of riding time.

Stylish, practical and secure, the Leather and Canvas Tech-Air® 3 vests suit any rider seeking the highest levels of active protection. Wear it over or under your jacket (provided that the jacket offers room to accommodate the inflation of the airbag) for peace of mind on every ride.

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