Amped-up With AmpedDualways, the leading UK distributor of children’s electric bikes, road-legal and off-road ATVs, and off-road motorcycles, has a fresh stock of the popular Amped electric balance bikes ready to be shipped out to ‘power-hungry’ youngsters.

The Amped A10 and A16 feature confidence-inspiring safety measures and are available in a range of bright colours. With recommended retail prices of under £400 including VAT, the machines offer a low-cost and silent way of introducing children to the skills of managing a powered two-wheeler by throttle control and balance, without any danger of hot or loose parts catching little legs. Spare batteries are available to keep the Amped pilots on the move, and a six-month warranty is included as standard.

In terms of operation, the introductory A10 is simplicity itself. It uses a 100W motor, powered by a removable18V IBV Lithium battery, and is capable of a top speed of roughly 8-10mph; around the same as that of an adult’s fast walk. The A10 weighs in at just 8.6kg with a junior-friendly seat height of 400mm.

The bigger Amped A16 is aimed at riders aged five years and over. It delivers instant power, with no dragging, and has a choice of two-speed settings; Eco and Boost. In Eco, the A16 is limited to 7.5mph, while on Boost it can reach a speed of up to 12.5mph. The A16 features a rear disc brake for efficient stopping power and, as with the A10, its 18V, 5.2Ah lithium-ion battery is easily removable for charging away from the bike.

A16 – black, blue and red.
A10 – red, blue, green, pink and black.

A16 – £399.00 including VAT
A10 – £349.99 including VAT

For further product information and stockist details, contact the UK distributor for Amped:
T: 01623 708607

Amped-up With AmpedPictured: Amped A10 [top], Amped A16 [bottom]

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