Bob-a-job For Chain Lube With Sdoc100NEW Sdoc100 Clean Bob

The new Clean Bob from Sdoc100 is a simple-to-use splash guard that prevents chain lube from soiling the tyre, wheel rim and/or swing arm when spraying the chain.

Until now, most riders have resorted to placing a piece of card behind the chain when applying lube, to protect the rear wheel and surrounding area from excess spray. This usually makes the application time-consuming, messy and awkward.

The Clean Bob catches excess spray that misses the chain. It is designed to fit onto the valve plate on top of most aerosol cans with a diameter of 57 mm. It also leaves one hand free to rotate the rear wheel while spraying the chain (lube should only be applied with the engine off and the bike in neutral).

Once the Clean Bob is attached to the can, turn the nozzle towards the shield, position the Clean Bob behind the chain, near to the rear sprocket, and carefully spray a thin layer of chain spray on the inside of the chain, rotating the rear wheel until every link has been sprayed.

After use, the Clean Bob can be wiped clean or rinsed with SDoc100 Chain Cleaner.

Retail price: £3.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Visit for details and to watch the video or call 01256 704909

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