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Carry Everything You Need In Your Day To Day Thanks To GiviWith the Monolock cases of the Italian company you can take everything you need on your scooter or maxi scooter in a comfortable and simple way.

On a daily basis, on the way to the office, going to the gym or after shopping, we need to bring a lot of things with us. And, when riding a motorcycle, it is important to be able to carry them comfortably and safely. For this reason, GIVI has developed its Monolock cases, single lock top cases that will become your best ally for everyday 2 wheels life.

Designed specially for scooters and maxi scooters, due to their light weight and smaller size than other cases, the GIVI Monolock offers an unbeatable solution for urbanites in their daily lives. From those looking for a complete top case with different functionalities, such as the B360 and the B360 Tech, to those who opt for simpler ones, such as the B330.

GIVI provides the solution for those who are always on the move and need a safe and comfortable space to keep their personal stuff. GIVI, the Italian brand of motorcycling equipment and bike accessories, has as its main goal to produce and distribute quality products that allow the motorcyclist to use his machine in a functional and, above all, safe way. It isconstantly looking for solutions to meet the needs of all types of users.

The B360 and B360 Tech have a storage capacity of 3kgand 36 liters maximum. It stands out for its carbon fiber finish, in which you can see details that elevate its design and make it an elegant top case, while functional, as you can see in this video. Optionally, you can incorporate accessories such as a painted cover; a specific backrest in polyurethane foam, covered in black fabric; the Kit Keyless 2.0 for the opening of the case through an APP; specific remote control or a security lock key. They are available for £130.00 each (retail price, VAT included).

For those looking for a slightly smaller top case, the B330 may be the best option. With 3kg and 33 liters of maximum capacity, it will allow you to carry everything you need in a smaller space. The B330 is available for £90.50 (retail price, VAT included).

Finally, for bikers looking for something more compact, but without losing functionality, GIVI offers the Top Case B32. A Monolock with 3kg and 32 liters of maximum capacity, which also offers the possibility of incorporating a polyurethane specific backrest and / or a security lock key. It’s available for £75.50 (retail price, VAT included).

Don’t be told that it’s impossible to carry everything you need and ride a motorcycle. The GIVI Monolock cases are ready for any challenge. Do you dare to test them?

These, and many more GIVI items, provide a boost for motorcycle trips and make any journey on two wheels a more comfortable experience.

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Carry Everything You Need In Your Day To Day Thanks To Givi

Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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