Celebrating world-first connectivity with Cardo SystemsTo celebrate 20 years of Breaking Boundaries, throughout 2024 Cardo Systems will be looking back across its two decades of innovation to celebrate its numerous world first achievements and pioneering technologies introduced to the communications industry.

Take a look at the key connectivity innovations achieved by the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports riders over the last 20 years…

Celebrating World-first Connectivity With Cardo SystemsIn 2004, Cardo revolutionized the motorcycle experience by introducing the world’s first Motorcycle Bluetooth headset, marking a groundbreaking milestone in the industry and enhancing the riding experience for motorcycle riders and pillions worldwide.

With a mindset of constant innovation, Cardo’s quest for open connectivity continued and in 2007 the launch of the Q2 marked the first true rider-to-rider long-range intercom with the ability to connect two riders over distances up to 700m/0.45 miles. For the first time, friends out for a ride could communicate reliably and effectively at a distance.

Celebrating World-first Connectivity With Cardo SystemsThe pace of development did not stop there, Cardo Systems looked to push the boundaries – and range – of Bluetooth technology further, launching the first long-range intercoms with a range of 1.6kms/1 mile with the G4 in 2009. As part of the company’s commitment to leading the pack, the G4 also offered internet firmware upgrades that allowed users to easily update their devices at home.Celebrating World-first Connectivity With Cardo Systems

Never content with the status quo, Cardo introduced its now infamous Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) in 2015, encapsulated in the PACKTALK. The world’s first mesh connectivity technology allowed groups of up to 15 riders to connect quickly and efficiently with the ability for auto-reconnection when moving in and out of range for the first time. Removing common frustrations and wasted time, DMC allowed users to concentrate on the ride ahead with hours of connected and shared experiences.Celebrating World-first Connectivity With Cardo Systems

Since then, Cardo’s commitment to reliable connectivity and innovative solutions has continued with the introduction of 2nd generation DMC, software releases to create cross-brand integration with all major Bluetooth communicators, the establishment of Open Bluetooth intercom (OBi) partnerships and sharing its technology in other outdoor industries.

With its latest launch, the PACKTALK PRO, Cardo Systems takes connectivity even further with inbuilt crash detection, sending an alert to a set contact with your last known location.

Alon Lumbroso, CEO of Cardo Systems, comments: “Over the last 20 years, Cardo has been proud to play a role in helping encourage more people to get the most out of their two-wheeled experiences. The next 20 years will be just as important for Cardo Systems as we seek to develop further innovations that continue breaking boundaries in communication and look forwards to the future of the industry.”

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