Dainese introduces the next generation of racing boots – the Axial 2The all-new Axial 2 boots from Dainese are the next evolution of top-of-the-line Dainese motorcycle racing boots.

The same boots worn on the track by MotoGP champions – engineered for maximum protection, lightness and ergonomics – are now available for every rider.

Made from Dainese’s D-Stone™ technology – high-density twisted nylon with elasticated inserts faced with nylon to create an armoured weave that emulates leather – the Axial 2 are designed for racer-level performance.

Dainese Introduces The Next Generation Of Racing Boots – The Axial 2Certified to EN13634 Level 2, the Axial 2 is packed with Dainese technology including the innovative Axial Distortion Control System, an articulated internal carbon fibre structure that protects the foot from impacts and sprains whilst working to prevent anything penetrating inside the boot. There are replaceable magnesium sliders throughout the boot, which distribute force over a wider surface area to reduce injury in the event of a crash. The removable slider on the heel also allows the zip to be changed in case of breakage, helping to ensure the longevity of the boots in a racing environment.

With an exclusive Dainese patent, the Axial 2 features the Suit to Boot Fastening System, which allows for the boots to be worn under a dedicated suit, guaranteeing the best level of safety as it reduces the number of materials which could be caught in a motorcycle during a fall. This technology also ensures enhanced aerodynamics and comfort thanks to the reduction in the size of the boot and the increased adherence of the rider’s leg to the bike.

Dainese Introduces The Next Generation Of Racing Boots – The Axial 2There is a TPU gear shifter guard to keep the boots in tip-top condition and the Groundtrax® outsoles ensure stability, grip and traction thanks to their asymmetric design, specifically on the gear shifter and brake areas, to provide greater precision during the ride.

For comfort and ease, the Axial 2 close with a zipper at the back of the boots and there is a speed lacing system inside for the perfect fit. For added mobility, the flexible joints allow the ankle to move in a way that suits the riding style whilst still keeping the malleolus areas (the bony bits on your ankles) protected. Dainese Introduces The Next Generation Of Racing Boots – The Axial 2

Available in sizes EU39-47 in a choice of Black/Red-Fluro, Black/Yellow-Fluro and Black/Black, the Axial 2 has an RRP of £589.95.

To locate your nearest Dainese dealer, visit www.nevis.uk.com or call 01425 478936.