Dry your bikes mateResearch by motorcycle dryer manufacturer Bruhl reveals that most riders are still drying their bikes the hard, and inefficient, way.

In a survey of 250 riders, the majority (58%) report using a microfibre cloth or chamois leather to dry their motorcycle after washing it.

While hand-drying gives an improved finish and helps prevent condensation if the machine is garaged or parked under a cover, this method will not remove moisture from hard to reach areas, such as the engine, suspension linkage, brake rotors, speedo/dash area and control switches. In time, this can cause corrosion and/or affect performance.

Hand-drying also involves time and effort and the cloths need to be washed and dried afterwards.

On a more positive note, only 15% leave their motorcycle to dry in the air, which often leads to ‘water spotting’ and smears on bodywork, as well as allowing water to drain into crevices on the bike, where it becomes trapped.

Although bike dryers have been available for several years, less than one in ten riders surveyed use one.

Bruhl dryers use a powerful 1600W turbine to blast away water in seconds, leaving the entire vehicle dry, with minimum fuss.

They have several features specifically developed for automotive applications, including a filtered air intake, to provide a debris-free blast of clean air. The bright red power lead is highly visible, reducing trip hazards, and protected by an RCD ‘trip switch’ to prevent the risk of electrocution – very important when using electrical appliances in wet conditions.

Prices start at £119- including VAT for the Bruhl MD1400, which is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Visit bruhl.co.uk to see all the options.