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Everything You Need to Know About Biker Style

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Bikers … When regular people hear this word they see a mental picture of men in black leather on steel horses, tearing the silence of a night with the roar of engines and disappearing beyond the horizon. Bikers appreciate freedom and speed the most; therefore, they are not like all other people.

Probably, that’s why they’ve always caused a burning interest among other individuals. They are considered to be reckless or hooligans and at the same time, they are idolized. The film industry also added fuel to the fire by portraying bikers as ruthless people ready to pick a fight any time. This image began to attract people who wanted to be rebels and bullies. However, once being originated from the idea of rebellion, this image has been transforming into something different. With this being said, the virus of speed and the road has stayed in their blood forever. Today, a modern biker is a badass man on a solid motorcycle. The key idea of Bill Harley and the Davidson brothers that a motorcycle is a lifestyle is still relevant. Accordingly, bikers somehow have a certain motorcycle cult that requires an appropriate dressing. Today, we are talking about biker style in clothing.

A biker jacket is not only component an image but also it is a means of individual protection. It safeguards against bad weather and various injuries. It is called a biker’s second skin for a reason because such clothing is designed to provide comfort and proper protection on the road. The most popular are the leather jackets. They save men on motorcycles from wind and cold. To ensure safety, they can also be equipped with sewn-in protective panels.

Biker vests are made from either denim or leather. The latter can be rigid, creating sort of a protective armour, or soft to perform a rather decorative function. These are especially popular in America (if you’ve watched the Sons of Anarchy you know what I mean).

Vests acquired the greatest popularity with the development of the biker club movement. They are complemented with clubs’ patches, also known as colours. The colours identify a biker’s belonging to a particular club, his place in the hierarchy, a place where a club is located, etc.

At first, club motorcyclists sewed colours directly on jackets but later they began to use vests as a basis. Traditionally, bikers wear vests over outer clothing.

Bikers’ clothing should be comfortable and not constraining the movement. Therefore, they wear straight jeans or leather trousers. Bikers often connect both of them by wearing chaps.

Modern technologies affect bikers’ apparel as well, and especially bottoms. The high speeds buffs will certainly appreciate Kevlar coating trousers. This fabric is very dense and is even able to protect a motorcyclist if he falls. Among other things, Kevlar trousers are tear- and heat-resistant, so even when riding fast a biker won’t get cold. Such pieces usually have internal pockets to insert knee pads.

At first, belts didn’t have anything special to standout until they started being decorated with massive buckles. Today, men on motorcycles can choose from a huge variety of buckles that bear symbols popular in the biker culture. These are the images of motorcycles, crosses, and skulls, just to name a few. In addition, if you fasten a biker wallet chain to a belt, you will never lose your purse even when riding fast. If you feel a need to have one, check this site out – Bikerringshop. These guys carry a great selection of badass hand-made silver chains and buckets to make your belt a piece of art.

The most common footwear among bikers is choppers boots. No, it is not choppers that gave the boots their name, actually, it is vice versa. A chopper is a massive round stone sharpened on one side. It was used by ancient people as a cutting tool. In the nineteenth century, a big knife inherited this name. During the civil war in the US, soldiers hid choppers in the bootlegs of their massive boots. That’s how the words ‘chopper’ and ‘boots’ joined together. Today, these are high strong boots with a chunky sole. Some bikers prefer cowboy sharp-nosed boots with high bevelled heels.

Head Pieces
An indispensable part of bikers’ wardrobe is a bandana. Such a headpiece performs many functions. It protects from dust and sun. It also can bear emblems indicating a biker’s belonging to a certain club. A real bandana must be made of leather because it gives a good protection from the weather.

Goggles have always been a necessary attribute of bikers. They protect from dust, wind and small insects, which at high speed become quite dangerous. Besides the functional purpose, Goggles are one of the elements of biker style.

Leather gloves are designed to protect motorcyclists’ hands from injuries in case of falls, and also they prevent hands from slipping from handlebars. In summer, bikers prefer fingerless gloves for a better grip. A winter version of gloves should be water resistant, preferably with a thick lining and protective inserts on the knuckles.

Biker accessories are as important as their outfits. Can you imagine a biker without any ornaments? I can’t. Rings, crosses, pendants, chains, bracelets, etc. – these are popular items among tough men on motorcycles. Accessories carry a multitude of motifs that can be found in this culture, for instance, Iron crosses, totem animals, skulls, dragons and many others. Some of them symbolize a protest against established social norms while others play a role of amulets protecting against evil and death. Custom biker jewelry is also in demand. Today, every person can emphasize his style and reflect his personality in a hand-crafted item. Jewelry pieces are most commonly made of silver – a durable, practical and long-lasting metal that is as tough as its owner.

For bikers, a motorcycle is not just a vehicle. It is their best friend, a loyal steel horse always ready for adventures. Real bikes are badass hands down and their owners must measure up. Knowing the secrets of a biker style you can easily become one of them. Just don’t forget to get a motorcycle first.


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