Gear Lok With CableNew from Nippy Normans, the Gear Lok secures a helmet, jacket, backpack or other riding kit to a motorcycle, saving riders from the hassle of lugging gear around with them. It’s ideal when luggage space is limited and for days riding without bags

To secure kit, simply pass the loop end of the cable through a convenient point on the bike – the frame, handlebars or grab rail – thread the other end through the loop and then through the object/s you want to secure.

Next, insert the end of the cable into the lock slot and slide the lock up or down the cable until the desired length is reached; press the ‘Snap Button’ to secure, then scramble the four digit security dial.

On returning to the bike, simply enter the personal four digit combination code to release – no additional keys to worry about.

The cable is made from 5 mm thick braided and galvanized steel, so is cut and saw resistant, and is plastic coated to prevent damage to bike and kit.

When not in use, both cable and lock fit in their own carry bag, and can be stashed in luggage, a jacket pocket or under the bike’s seat.

The Gear Lok and cable costs just £19 including VAT, and comes with full instructions.

Visit for details.

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