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Givi Trekker AlaskaIt fits into the range of aluminium side cases and is the result of an ambitious project which led to the creation of an efficient, essential, light, practical Made in Italy product, equipped with patent pending mechanisms and with the most universal system in the world, MONOKEY.

The Trekker ALASKA has an internal capacity of 36 litres and is being introduced to the public with an aluminium structure available in a double finish: Natural and Black. All three materials used to make it are of the highest quality: mechanically finished natural aluminium for the body, stainless steel for the hinges and reinforced technopolymer for the profiles. 

The Trekker Alaska offers a patented design and is 100% made in Italy.

Unlike the brand’s other aluminium side cases in the line, this new side case attaches to MONOKEY frames.

This means, given the longevity of this type of attachment system, that the user can use it both on motorcycles that are no longer on the market as well as current models. For example, it could be moved from an Africa Twin to a BMW GS to a Ténéré … of every generation and probably future models too.

Each component is developed on the basis of making improvements to the cases:

The position of the release is prioritised and enabled here through a new cable system (patent pending).

The handle, which can also be used with gloves, is integrated into the lid hinge. We also find the 4 belt-strap loops built into the lid, set into the contoured lid to give an elegant shape to the whole case.

Loading is made easy because the lid opens completely, without straps or cables, and also because the mechanical hook system (patent pending) allows the suitcase to tilt without detaching completely from the support frame, which is very useful when used with a large-capacity rear top case.

GIVI has maximised the efficiency of the side frames in terms of both mechanical strength and absorption of vibrations. As for strength and protection from dust, water and oil, the ALASKA project has provided the maximum reduction of punctures, has tested industrial seals and designed vents for variations in pressure.

For the extraordinary Trekker ALASKA, GIVI has designed a series of optional dedicated accessories, making it even more eclectic.Givi Trekker Alaska

Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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