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Innovative Solutions For Carrying Motorcycle LuggageGIVI invent an original alternative for increasing load capacity on maxitrail machines

Paying special attention to those who use their motorcycle to travel on any road or path, in all types of conditions, GIVI have developed a new luggage solution that stands out for its robustness and practicality. The new CANYON GRT722 bags are fitted on crash bars and are the result of the intensive work of the Italian company’s R&D department -a team of professionals who are well aware of the importance of accessories to cope with those less comfortable trips and routes in the best possible way.

The product is the latest addition in the renewed CANYON line of bags for off-road riding. Made of high-strength 840 TPU and high-frequency seamless soldering, it carries an IPX5 waterproof rating for its resistance of heavy rain and extreme conditions. This ensures that all belongings remain safe and dry, with the additional help of its waterproof roll-top closing system.

The GIVI GRT722 bag can be purchased alone or as a pair, and is a versatile solution for everyone with a passion for two-wheeled riding. The luggage configuration can be modulated to adapt it to the needs of each journey, be it a short day trips or a longer and more demanding route.

This 8 litre capacity cargo bag attaches to the crash bars using adjustable straps (included) with a snaplock closing system to ensure that tension is maintained. It can also be attached by straps to the saddle and can even be installed in combination with the GRT721 Canyon base as a top saddlebag, or with the GRT720 saddlebags as an additional side load.

The GIVI GRT722 joins the new CANYON product line, successor to the Gravel-T range, and which now has 13 members.

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