Introducing GASGAS Tech TalksAllowing riders to dial in their GASGAS dirt bike with our brand-new video series.

Explore the latest GASGAS dirt bikes in stunning detail with our new video series – GASGAS Tech Talks. Each episode focuses on different components, what they are, how they work and how to set them up correctly in order to ride with the very best performance and comfort! The first five episodes of GASGAS Tech Talks are online now, so make sure to check them out on or YouTube, and stay tuned for more new and exclusive in-depth videos on bikes, parts and accessories.

  • Introducing GASGAS Tech Talks – a video series focusing on dirt bike components
  • Riders can learn how to correctly set up their GASGAS in order to master the dirt
  • New episodes released on and YouTube
  • Riders can make future video requests in the comments

GASGAS Tech Talks has been created to give riders the inside line on GASGAS products and how to unlock their full performance potential. In this new series we’ll show the ins and outs of our latest bikes and all their super-cool parts, to help understanding of the technology involved and the features that will enhance the rider experience.

Each episode details specific topics step-by-step; whether that’s parts, bike set-up or riding. We want riders to enjoy every moment on their pride and joy and to get comfortable with personalising their ride, and therefore GASGAS Tech Talks covers every detail required to enable riders to have an absolute blast in the dirt!

GASGAS Tech Talks is a rolling video series, with some future episodes to be created with GASGAS rider input: in the comments section of any video, riders can ask questions which will lead to brand-new videos in which they are answered! We want to hear from the whole GASGAS community!

The first three episodes of GASGAS Tech Talks are available to watch below.

Unleash your bike’s potential: How to adjust your dirt bike suspension

Inside offroad forks: open vs closed cartridge systems

Choosing the right map: GASGAS offroad motorcycle map select switch guide

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