Introducing the Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp MountsQuad Lock expands its motorcycle range with its all-new Handlebar Clamp Mount, available in both the standard and the PRO versions.

The Handlebar Clamp Mount seamlessly integrates with your motorcycle’s existing M8 bolt for a clean, sleek look. Both the standard and PRO versions offer ultimate customisation and safety, featuring a 135-degree adjustable knuckle and included spacers for perfect positioning, even on bulky handlebars.

Built for the ride, its anti-rotation serrated bolt base and high-tensile steel construction keep your phone safe and secure, whether cruising through the city or navigating rocky mountain descents.

Introducing The Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp MountsAvailable in two options:

  • Handlebar Clamp Mount is made from tough glass-filled nylon and is assembled with a blue lever.
  • Handlebar Clamp Mount PRO is made from black anodised CNC machined aluminium, and black stainless steel hardware, and is assembled with a Black Lever.Introducing The Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp Mounts

Statement from Andrew Kellock, Head of New Product Development of Quad Lock:

Recognizing a need for a discreet mounting solution, our team is thrilled to unveil the latest addition to our product lineup, the Handlebar Clamp range of mounts.

This innovative range, requiring only a single threaded M8 hole for secure attachment, presents a compact and secure alternative for mounting users’ phones on motorbikes and various other vehicles. The articulating pivot allows for quick and easy adjustments, while the mounts undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure resilience against engine vibrations.

Introducing The Quad Lock Handlebar Clamp MountsFurthermore, as part of the Quad Lock 360™ range, the new Single Bolt M8 Base can be seamlessly paired with different arms and heads, offering users the flexibility to secure their devices in the optimal position. This expansion reaffirms our commitment to providing versatile and reliable solutions for users seeking the utmost convenience and security in mounting their devices. 

Both mounts are compatible with all existing Quad Lock products including the Vibration Dampener, Weatherproof Wireless Charging Head, Quad Lock 360, Motorcycle USB Charger and even the new Quad Lock Action Camera Adaptors.

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