Magura Retro 225 LeversMagura’s Retro 225 master cylinder and lever replacement kits are traditionally styled and compact all-in-one units, for a simple fit where space is limited.

They are ideal for bike builders wishing to replace the hydraulic clutch and/or braking systems increasingly used on modern machines with something more in keeping with the stripped-down theme of special/custom builds.

The 225 brake kit comes complete with a polished lever, a black painted housing and a 22 mm clamp, which will fit most standard motorcycle bars. It’s fitted with a fluid reservoir and is pre-threaded for a brake light switch and rear-view mirror. It is available in 13 mm and 16 mm piston versions. Retail price £112.15 including VAT.

The 225 clutch master cylinder also comes as a complete unit, with fluid reservoir, polished alloy lever, black painted housing and 22 mm clamp.It is prepared for a mirror, and is available in 13 mm and 16 mm piston versions. at £112.15 including VAT.

For bikes with a standard cable-operated clutch, the Magura Clutch Lever matches the style of the 225 brake lever and sells for just £43.00 including VAT.

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