Mental Health Awareness Week: Head Space & Open RoadsMotorcycles relieve the stresses of life for many, assisting with a positive outlook and increased levels of dopamine, the Happy Hormone.  Riding feels good and aids relaxation, which is why motorcyclists gain the maximum benefit from nature, at one with their surroundings, breathing the fresh air, and living the sights.

It comes as no surprise that Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 should therefore focus on nature.  The many benefits or fresh air, open spaces, and embracing the elements are good for both mental and physical health.  Consequently, motorcyclists are less stressed and more fulfilled than their four-wheeled counterparts.

In August 2020, the Australian division of global banking and insurance company ING, published a study revealing motorcyclists are generally much happier than the average car driver. The study showed 82% of motorcyclists agreeing that riding makes them happy, compared with only around 55% of motorists. Crucially, more than half of the riders surveyed said the positive mental health effects of riding was the main reason for their choosing to ride a motorcycle.

MCIA knows the sense of community amongst motorcyclists is strong, there are many locations where both friends who have yet to meet and old mates can get together to enjoy the company, the atmosphere and of course the journey.  Rider meet ups offer an excellent counter to social isolation, itself a contributor to poor mental health.

Motorcycles are the perfect vehicle to support BEN, the automotive industry charity in their #Move4BEN campaign.

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