Moto Guzzi Audace CarbonAudace Carbon is the Moto Guzzi with the strongest and most rebellious character. It is a muscle-bike designed to emphasize the performance of the “Made in Mandello” 1400 cc big block. Audace Carbon boasts new finishing and improved on board ergonomics

No other Moto Guzzi expresses that dark soul already introduced on the Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone and reconfirmed by the majestic MGX-21 better than the Audace Carbon. Nothing more than absolute riding pleasure guided the development of a model based on the essentiality of the shapes where the best technology is at the service of fun.


Audace Carbon is the modern brazen interpreter of the Moto Guzzi rebel spirit, a brand with a unique personality that often goes against the flow. The history of the Larian eagle is riddled with unique choices: the transversal V 90, a skill for innovation, records in the sports field, the renowned 8 cylinder engine. Moto Guzzi has never been shy about showing its unique character. 95 years on it is still the same.

Ostentatious, muscular and fierce, the Moto Guzzi Audace Carbon can be picked out immediately by its front end, made stylistically lighter by the circular headlight unit and the real carbon elements such as the front mudguard mounted on a fork without any telescope covering and the sides of the tank.

The Audace Carbon has no chromium plating. Every mechanical detail, painted dark as night, is contrasted by the matt red colour chosen for the milled aluminium engine head covers, which in turn match the red colour of the Brembo front brakes. A model of striking beauty, to be enjoyed one-up in search of fun around corners or relaxation on more wide open roads.

Audace Carbon is the perfect representation of the second soul of the Moto Guzzi brand – urban dark. A dark soul made absolute in the spectacular MGX-21. Miguel Galluzzi, the designer in charge of the PADC (Piaggio Group Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena California, introduces the new Audace like this: “Moto Guzzi’s desire to grow is perfectly summed up in the strong and uncompromising character of the new Audace. I believe that this bike, today, speaks louder than any words about the more modern soul and future of the brand from Mandello. All you have to do is look at it and ride it and all your questions are answered. Sitting astride this imposing bike, starting the powerful V twin and riding down the road is all you need to understand what Moto Guzzi represents today. Audace is a perfect interpretation of the most genuine Moto Guzzi spirit.

The light strikes the lines of the Audace Carbon, revealing brand new and attractive details. Like the undersump lug that gives the side view a gritty look, the metallic radiator grille and the short, megaphone exhaust with die-cast aluminium support flange that, despite the outlaw look, is high-tech to contain polluting emissions. In fact, thanks to the use of a secondary air system and a specific catalytic converter, the Audace Carbon is Euro 4 approved.

In the name of essentiality, the platform footboards are gone here, as is the rocker gear shift control in order to make room for sportier footpegs mounted farther back and the classic gear shifter pedal. Particular attention was given to the more sporty saddle, covered in eco-leather with exposed red stitching, lowered in terms of the seating position.  The passenger section of the saddle is easily removable to give Audace Carbon an even more solitary style. The on board ergonomics have been revamped to increase comfort and riding pleasure. The drag handlebar has a different shape, with the ends lowered and extended toward the rider to provide a more convenient and dominating grip.

A particularly elegant feature is the new electric blocks on the handlebar, enhanced by the aluminium finishing, the red painted valve covers with milled details, the fully adjustable rear shock absorbers with separate gas bottle and the alloy wheels personalized with the Moto Guzzi logo. The left side electric block hosts the controls for the new Moto Guzzi cruise control. The system allows the selected speed to be maintained without acting on the throttle and the cruising speed to be increased or decreased by pressing the cursor button on the left side electrical control. The speed can be temporarily increased with a twist of the throttle. After the throttle is released, the cruising speed will be resumed. The system disengages automatically, not only when the rider brakes or presses the selector button, but also when the throttle grip is twisted in reverse. Once deactivated, the last cruising speed set can be resumed with the “resume” feature.

Powerful and aggressive, the Audace Carbon looks as if it is crouched down on its haunches like a large feline ready to unleash its explosive power to scratch the asphalt, leaving the mark of its oversize 200/60 rear tyre. The generosity of the 1400 cc “Made in Mandello” 90° V-twin is a quality which is well known by now and on the Audace Carbon, thanks to the exhaust system with painstakingly designed fluid dynamics, is even more spirited at high revs, up to a torque of 121 Nm at 3,000 rpm. As a result, thanks in part to an advantageous weight/power ratio, the Audace Carbon jumps off the line with unexpected vigour.

The Audace Carbon will certainly be the Moto Guzzi most used with the “Veloce” engine map, the most responsive and direct of the available three (the “Turismo” and “Pioggia” maps are also available) and the one where the adjustable MGTC traction control system will need to intervene most often. The large twin cylinder engine is the absolute benchmark in its category for engine capacity-performance-consumption ratio thanks to excellent thermodynamic performance. Electronic management has been further advanced, thanks to a new electronic throttle, now full Ride-by-wireThe system guarantees a more fine tuned and accurate throttle control, thereby allowing the engine to return a top shelf, smooth response, without being twitchy in opening and closing. The benefit for the rider translates into top level riding pleasure in any conditions of use.


MG-MP (Moto Guzzi Multimedia Platform), available as optional equipment, is the innovative multimedia system which allows you to connect the bike to your smartphone and consequently to the web. With this application, downloadable free from App Store and Google Play, your smartphone (iPhone or Android) becomes an actual sophisticated on board multifunctional computer and the link between the vehicle and the Internet.

The wireless connection allows you to simultaneously see important information about the vehicle on your smartphone screen so you will always have your trip parameters under control. The smartphone’s touch screen allows you to view five parameters of your choice at a time, selected from a vast menu and including the speedometer, rev counter, instant power, instant torque, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage, longitudinal acceleration and extended trip computer.  The “Eco Ride” feature helps to limit fuel consumption and to maintain eco-compatible riding conduct, providing a brief assessment of the results obtained during the trip.

You can also store your trip data and review it later on your computer or directly on the app so you can analyse your route along with the vehicle performance parameters.

When the fuel reserve light comes on MG-MP indicates the location of the closest petrol stations; the system also helps you easily find the vehicle when you are parked in an unfamiliar area, automatically saving the position where it was last switched off.

MG-MP includes the “Grip Warning” function which replicates the indications on traction control operation for maximum visibility and provides information in real time on your riding performance with relation to the road surface conditions. A dedicated indicator light warns in the event of excessive use of available grip. Thanks to the synergistic use of gyroscopes and the information coming from the vehicle, the smartphone becomes a sophisticated instrument to measure the lean angle in turns thanks to specifically developed algorithms developed. The limit thresholds can be set both for lean angle as well as vehicle and engine speed. When these limits are exceeded the relative indicator lights will come on or the virtual dashboard will flash.


The original range of accessories for the Audace Carbon was designed to meet the needs of style sensitive bikers who want to reinforce the decisive and powerful image of their bikes, giving them an even more muscle look (for example with the black anodised hand grips that are installation-ready for black «corsa» ends, short shank black mirrors, CNC billet aluminium sleek and lightweight brake and clutch levers) or a more sporty look (with fuel cap cover and injectors cover and the footpeg covers completely in aluminium).

The range also includes components dedicated to increasing comfort, such as the mirror-polished or black stainless steel cylinders heat shield kit.

Audace Eagle motorcycle cover: made to measure cover for indoor use to protect your bike from gathering dust when parked in the garage. It is made specifically for the Audace in an elastic fabric with a special graphic.

“Dark” short shank mirrors: made in anodized black billet aluminium. This pair of short shank mirrors embodies the maximum in manufacturing technology expressed in some special machining done on three axes. They are approved for use in all countries.

“Dark” hand grips: made from black anodised billet aluminium, they enhance your bikes handlebar, giving it a personalised and elegant look and they are installation-ready for “Corsa” ends.

Black “Corsa” hand grip ends: the “Corsa” hand grip ends, made from black anodised billet aluminium, match the “Dark”, hand grips, perfectly completing the style and aesthetics of your bike.

“Dark” black front brake lever: made from black anodised billet aluminium, the dark front brake lever, thanks to its feel and adjustments, increases riding comfort, enhancing the look of the bike.

“Dark” black clutch lever: made from black anodised billet aluminium, the dark clutch lever, thanks to its feel and adjustments, increases riding comfort and characterises the aesthetics of the Audace Carbon.

Aluminium rider and passenger footpeg covers: high quality billet aluminium covers that replace the factory rubber parts. The facing creates a specific design and guarantees maximum grip in any riding conditions.

Aluminium head bushings set: set of four billet aluminium aesthetic spacers which replace the fastening screws on the cylinder head covers. Polished stainless steel screws are included.

Engine crankcase hole covers – black: made from laser-cut and black anodised aluminium, these cover the engine crankcase machining holes. The number “1400” is laser inscribed.

Aluminium fuel tank cap cover: made of real carbon, it matches the other original Audace Carbon parts perfectly.

Pair of carbon injector covers: another part made in prestigious carbon.

Electronic anti-theft system: compact, latest generation self powered alarm system with wireless remote control. Its features include: engine lock, built-in motion sensor, high level of protection.

Cylinders heat shield: each heat shield is made in black painted stainless steel with ABS inserts that improve the design. They protect from the heat generated by the cylinder in order to give you a more comfortable ride.

Chromium plated tank side covers: the chromium plated fuel tank side covers give your bike a completely different style.

Cylinder head guards: special lateral cylinder guards made in billet aluminium with a black painted or mirror polished finish. They match the style and design of the Audace Carbon perfectly. They come complete with stainless steel mounts.

Swingarm washers: special washers made in billet aluminium.

Rear brake fluid reservoir cover: made in billet aluminium with polished finish, this personalises the look of your bike. It completely covers the brake fuel reservoir body, obviously not interfering with its operation. Easy to install.


Type:90° V-twin engine, 4-stroke, 4 valves, double ignition
Cooling:air and oil with an independent cooling pump Oil radiator with thermostat controlled fan.
Displacement:1380 cc
Bore and stroke:104 x 81.2 mm
Compression ratio:10.5 : 1
Timing system diagram:intake valve opens 19° BTDC
(1 mm checking clearance)intake valve closes 55° ABDC
exhaust valve opens 49° BBDC
exhaust valve closes 12° ATDC
Maximum power:71 kW (96 HP) at 6500 rpm
Maximum torque:121 Nm (12.3 kgm) 3000 min-1
Fuel supply / Ignition:phased electronic Multipoint sequential injection, Magneti Marelli IAW7SM; “ride by wire” Ø 52 mm throttle body, IWP 243 Magneti Marelli injectors, double oxygen sensor, integrated management of 3 engine mappings, traction control, cruise control
Spark plugs:NGK LMAR8F, 2 per cylinder
Exhaust system:painted steel, 2-in-2 type, 3-way catalytic converter with double oxygen sensor
Approval:Euro 4
Gear ratio values:1st 17/38 = 1 : 2.235
:2nd 20/34 = 1: 1.700
:3rd 23/31 = 1: 1.348
:4th 26/29 = 1: 1.115
:5th 31/30 = 1: 0.968
:6th 30/24 = 1: 0.8
Primary drive:with helical teeth (ratio 26/35 = 1: 1,346)
Final drive:double cardan joint and fixed bevel gear seat, drive ratio 10/36 = 1: 3.6)
Clutch:single-disc with integrated anti-vibration buffer
Frame:steel tubing, closed double cradle with elastic-kinematic engine mounting system to isolate vibrations.
Wheelbase:1695 mm
Trail:145 mm
Headstock angle:33°
Steering angle:37°
Front suspension:standard fork , Ø 45 mm, with radial calliper mounting bracket 
Front wheel travel:120 mm
Rear suspension:Swingarm with double shock absorber with adjustable extension and spring preload with remote tank.
Rear wheel travel:120 mm
Front brake:dual 320 mm stainless steel floating discs, Brembo radial callipers with 4 horizontally opposed pistons
Rear brake:282 mm stainless steel fixed disc, Brembo floating calliper with 2 parallel pistons
Wheels:Aluminium alloy
Front wheel rim:3.50” x 18”
Rear wheel rim:6.00” x 16”
Front tyre:130/70 R18”
Rear tyre:200/60 R16”
System voltage:12 V
Battery:12V – 18 Ah
Alternator:12 V – 550 W
Length:2445 mm
Width:920 mm
Height:1145 mm
Saddle height:740 mm (720 mm opt.)
Minimum ground clearance:165 mm
Fuel tank capacity:20.5 litres
Reserve:5 litres