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Mv Agusta Superveloce Ago“I dreamt of a summer day my father telling me don’t go too fast, Mino. I liked the wind rushing towards me, the road fast-scrolling under the wheels. I learned that the ocean is just a lake, only bigger. And what it means to be in front, doing things others can’t do. Not to have that number 1 on the fairing, but to do a job I call love. Even if it can turn on you, and if you harm it, it will take its revenge. For with a bike you must give and take.”
”Perhaps I’m still that child, Perhaps I never stopped dreaming.”

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoHe is the rider who holds the unrivalled record of having won 15 world-championships and has been victorious in 311 Grand Prix races.

Introducing Giacomo Agostini, an authentic icon of the era that regularly tempted fate at every corner, he has become a legend while continuously rocketing to the chequered flag.

The bike is the the Superveloce Ago, the most exclusive version among the limited-edition models.

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoMV Agusta pays a tribute to the legend with a unique limited-edition series of the original Superveloce, now an even more exclusive top-of-the-range Superveloce Ago.

Following the iconic MV Agusta F4 Ago and F3 Ago debut, the paths of the glorious Italian motorcycle manufacturer and those of the Bergamo-based world champion meet once again.

The reason? To give life to the most technologically advanced and exclusive Superveloce ever.

Once again, a unique bike that will remain forever in the hearts of all the passionate motorcycle enthusiasts.

To celebrate every single one of Giacomo Agostini’s race victories, MV Agusta has handcrafted 311 units, the first 15 of which are dedicated to the 15 world titles won in his spectacular racing career.

The elegant fuel tank, characterized by an unmistakable racing form thanks to the refined leather strap is offered with a celebratory carbon fibre plate. What’s more, this exclusive plate – available from 01 to 15 units only – has unique graphics carrying both the trophy and the year of the world title won by Agostini.

The Bergamo-based champion’s personal signature represents a further indelible value which makes this piece of motorcycle art even more desired by
collectors.Mv Agusta Superveloce Ago

The Superveloce Ago not only is one-of-a-kind bike in terms of styling, but it also features numerous top-level technical components never seen before on the Superveloce range.

The chassis, for example, stands out for Öhlins suspension components, in particular the 43 mm Nix fork and the TTX 36 rear shock absorber; both adjustable in preload, compression and rebound.

The settings have been developed on the road and track with a specific valving which truly aims to intensify the dynamic features of the Superveloce. Moreover, the adjustable Öhlins steering damper features a CNC machined support.

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoAn additional characterizing element of the new Superveloce Ago is the new forged aluminum top triple clamp, embellished with CNC machining on the in top surfaces.

A special mention must be made of the superbly handcrafted elements of the fairing: the side panels, the fenders, the lower tail section and passenger seat cover are all made of carbon fibre.

Thanks to the new higher windshield, the Superveloce Ago not only offers better protection but has a distinctive look with a decidedly closer resemblance to the MV Agusta’s three-cylinder ridden race bikes by Agostini and successful in many competitions around the world.

The beautiful 3.5” front and 5.5” rear spoked wheels host 120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 tyres.
Mv Agusta Superveloce Ago
The new Superveloce Ago features a unique kit, which includes the captivating Arrow 3-exit exhaust system (homologated for road use) which is immediately recognizable by two silencers on the right side and one on the left.

The triple exit right-side silencer is fitted as standard. What’s more, the Arrow asymmetrical exhaust system not only significantly guarantees an increase in power and torque but also contributes to intensify the Superveloce Ago racing character.

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoWithout a doubt, this new Arrow exhaust system was inspired by the racing bikes of the past, protagonists of many glorious victories. The dedicated Engine Control Unit with dedicated engine mapping is another exclusive element that allows the maximum performance of the exhaust system.Mv Agusta Superveloce Ago

One of the many details that make the MV Agusta Superveloce Ago kit unique are a pair of icon red handle grips, just like the ones used by Agostini, and the carbon fibre seat cowl fitted with an Alcantara pad.

An exclusive bike cover as well as a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the limited series is also included.

Mv Agusta Superveloce Ago

The 798 cc three-cylinder engine maintains its technical features, including the out-standing supersport performance.

With a 79 mm x 54,3 mm bore and stroke, 147 hp at 13,000 rpm, and a peak torque of 88 Nm (8.98 kgm) at 10,100 rpm: these are its record numbers.

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoThe counter-rotating crankshaft, a solution employed in Moto 6 injectors, interfaces with the inertial platform, manages the GP, represents a distinctive technical element, not to mention 4 engine maps and 8-level traction control.

In addition, the the comprehensive electronics and rider aids package. This MV EAS 3.0 (Electronically Assisted Shift up & down) contributes latter is focused on the MVICS 2.1 platform, which controls the to lightning-fast and precise shift changes.

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoCOLOURS
MV Agusta Superveloce Ago comes with some of the most advanced colors and trims ever applied to a motorcycle.

Even graphics and colour schemes have been designed specifically for this new work of art. In fact, its livery comes in a refined grey which exquisitely contrasts

Mv Agusta Superveloce AgoMv Agusta Superveloce AgoMv Agusta Superveloce Ago

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