New Peugeot Metropolis 3-wheelerThree years after its launch, the Peugeot Metropolis has evolved. This new Euro 4 compliant model gets 13” front wheels, re-engineered chassis, updated 400cc LFE PowerMotion engine, emergency braking warning system, ABS and Traction Control.

It also retains all the innovations that made the original so exciting – smart-key ignition, Tyre Pressure Management System, Dual Tilting Wheels, flat floor and adjustable backrest/screen.

The lightweight 13″ sport wheels at the front are the most obvious visual change, improving comfort, handling and stability, enhanced by Michelin Citygrip tyres, to maintain the scooter’s excellent road-holding. Both chassis and suspension settings have been given an in-depth redesign, making the frame 50% stiffer and the steering lighter and more responsive.

ABS braking, developed in partnership with Continental and Nissin, reduces stopping distances by 23% compared to the previous model (down from 15.5 M to 10.3 M at 50 kp/h). This is achieved by fitting 230 mm diameter front discs with bigger pistons and a double piston rear brake calliper.

Riders can activate SBC combined braking with the foot pedal, distributing braking effort evenly between front & rear brakes.

For additional safety, the hazard warning lights are automatically triggered by emergency braking. Using expertise from the automotive world, Peugeot is the first motorcycle manufacturer to use this technology. At speeds over 50 km/h [31 mph], the system activates the hazard lights if the vehicle slows by more than 6 m/s [13 mph], and turns itself off when the deceleration is less than 2.5 m/s [5.5 mph].

Switchable TCS (Traction Control System) allows the rider to choose the optimum setting for the best grip in the conditions. There are three settings to choose from; Urban, Sport and off.

The 400cc LFE low-friction engine is upgraded to PowerMotion specification, which meets tough Euro 4 standards for emissions, while maintaining performance (36 HP and 38 Nm torque at 5250 rpm). There are significant fuel savings, particularly at higher RPM, and overall economy is increased from 67 to 72 mpg,

For everyday comfort & convenience, the 12v plug is replaced by a USB socket, the boot is enlarged to take a full-face helmet and the Peugeot Metropolis now comes with two smart keys, that are electronically recognised as soon as the rider is within a radius of 1.5 metres.

A special edition RX-R model will also be available; characterized by a ‘mad black’ livery made more aggressive by red inserts, tinted sports screen and aluminium footplate.

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