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New Yamaha TMAX SX Sport Edition: The most exclusive and dynamic TMAX

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New Yamaha TMAX SX Sport Edition: The most exclusive and dynamic TMAX 1By introducing pure sports motorcycle DNA into the scooter segment for the first time in 2001, the Yamaha TMAX pioneered a whole new concept in two-wheeled travel. Coinciding with the dawn of the new millennium, the launch of the TMAX not only opened up a whole new market, it also underlined Yamaha’s visionary thinking and innovative design.

Having single-handedly created a new maxi scooter class, the TMAX has gone on to hold the number 1 position in Europe every year since its launch, with 17 years at the top.  In the history of the powered two-wheeler, few other models can match the TMAX in terms of its sales success. In addition to its dominance of the sales charts, the TMAX has forever transformed the perception of the sport scooter segment – and it was also the catalyst that inspired the development of a whole new family of Yamaha MAX sport scooters.

By blending aggressive and dynamic looks with sophisticated engine and chassis technology, the TMAX continues to capture the imagination of a whole new generation of riders. And combining its outstanding engine and chassis performance ¬with scooter style, ease of use and day-to-day practicality, the TMAX continues to excite and inspire those riders who demand the ultimate riding experience. Furthermore, its status as the definitive sport scooter is confirmed by the number of loyal customers who trade in their TMAX for a new model. Because for many thousands of riders, there is Nothing but the MAX!

Now in its 6th generation, the flagship TMAX is a hero model that has secured its place in the hearts and minds of over 250,000 riders all over Europe. For 2017 the range was expanded with the introduction of the luxurious DX and the sporty SX versions that maintained the TMAX’s excellent original standards, while also offering an enhanced specification.

This incredible scooter’s journey continues, and for 2018 the TMAX story opens up a new chapter with the launch of the new TMAX SX Sport Edition, the ultimate sports MAX that is destined to reinforce the brand’s legendary status.

New TMAX SX Sport Edition: My city. My sport. My win.

You always give your very best and demand the best – whether at work or play – and the new TMAX SX Sport Edition is designed to deliver the most adrenaline charged ride in the class. When the city is your playground, this flagship maxi scooter’s powerful 530cc, inline twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine gives you the ability to take control of the metropolis by getting you wherever you want to go – and delivers an energizing ride every time. And when you want to break free from the urban jungle and take some quality time outside the confines of the city, the TMAX SX Sport Edition is the ultimate riding partner.

Designed without compromise and featuring the highest specification of any Yamaha maxi scooter, the TMAX SX Sport Edition has pure sports motorcycle DNA running through its body. For city riding or sport touring, this high-tech scooter represents a win/win situation for riders who put 100% effort into everything – and expect the same in return.

SX Sport Edition: The most exclusive and dynamic TMAX!

The TMAX has come a very long way in the past two decades. Now Yamaha are taking this iconic maxi scooter to another level with the TMAX SX Sport Edition, the most exclusive and dynamic model in the legendary MAX family.

Equipped with a unique Akrapovič exhaust that underlines its quality and exclusivity, this flagship maxi scooter is built to deliver the most exhilarating sport riding experience. A carbon protector plate and special logo on the exhaust confirms the model’s high-end specification – and with its distinctive sound and premium finish, the Akrapovič exhaust underlines the flagship status of the prestigious TMAX SX Sport Edition.

The TMAX SX Sport Edition is also fitted with a sport screen and special license plate holder that accentuate the sporty and aggressive lines of the aerodynamic motorcycle-style bodywork. Combined with the race-inspired looks and thrilling sound of the Akrapovič exhaust, these exclusive features reinforce the Sport Edition’s position as the ultimate MAX!

As with every model in the TMAX family, the TMAX SX Sport Edition benefits from a lightweight aluminium chassis with sophisticated upside down front forks and link-type rear suspension that deliver remarkably agile sports handling with outstanding stability.

Its 2-level D-MODE enables the rider to switch engine-running modes and adapt different situations – and the Traction Control System (TCS) and ABS ensure that every rider can enjoy full control when riding on different road surfaces.

Sophisticated TFT instruments feature a high quality monochrome TFT display with comprehensive information on speed, rpm, fuel consumption and more – and a Smart Key keyless ignition enables remote control – while the unique centre stand locking system adds another element in the war against theft.

Its industry-exclusive My TMAX Connect system enables owners to access information on the scooter’s location and activate and deactivate the engine lock, as well as access the geofence and theft management functions.

Finished in a sophisticated Matt Silver or Sword Silver body colour and fitted with motorcycle-type gold-coloured front forks as well as blue-rimmed wheels, the TMAX SX Sport Edition takes the MAX experience to another level – and reaffirms Yamaha’s ongoing commitment to the Sport Scooter market.

TMAX SX Sport Edition overview

•    Powerful 530cc, inline, twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine
•    Premium sport model giving a truly dynamic ride
•    High quality 360 degree riding experience
•    Exclusive Akrapovič exhaust with carbon protector plate
•    Smoked sport screen and licence plate holder
•    Lightweight aluminium chassis for agile handling
•    2-level D-MODE adapts to different conditions
•    Special Matt Silver body colour
•    Gold-coloured motorcycle-type upside down front forks
•    Blue-rimmed wheels
•    ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
•    Sophisticated TFT instruments
•    Anti-theft centre stand locking system
•    Traction Control System (TCS)
•    Industry exclusive My TMAX Connect for connectivity and control

TMAX DX: The MAX is not an optional

Designed for discerning riders who won’t accept anything less than the very best, the TMAX DX is Yamaha’s ‘full-optional’ luxury sports scooter. Featuring a unique and impressive specification that offers the perfect mix of sporty motorcycle-class dynamics together with supreme riding comfort and an excellent specification that refuses to compromise, the TMAX DX is in a class of its own.

Its exclusive electric screen can be raised or lowered by 135mm using a handlebar-mounted switch for optimum wind protection – and the TMAX DX’s heated grips and heated seat enhance the rider’s comfort on every journey.

With cruise control fitted as standard, every journey is more relaxing and enjoyable, and while the TCS and 2-level D-MODE give full control, the link-type rear suspension and motorcycle-style gold coloured front forks provide a more comfortable ride.

TMAX DX overview

•    Powerful 530cc, inline, twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine
•    Refined scooter with a ‘full-option’ specification
•    Sport performance with supreme riding comfort
•    Electrically adjustable screen
•    Heated grips and heated seat
•    Easy to operate cruise control
•    Centre stand locking system
•    Lightweight aluminium chassis for agile handling
•    2-level D-MODE adapts to different conditions
•    ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
•    Sophisticated TFT instruments
•    Adjustable link-type rear suspension
•    Traction Control System (TCS)
•    Industry exclusive My TMAX Connect for connectivity and control

TMAX SX. MAX adrenaline

The high-specification TMAX SX is designed for riders who want a sporty and dynamic maxi scooter that also offers enhanced control combined with day-to-day practicality. TMAX SX riders benefit from a range of electronic control technologies that enhance its rideability in different conditions, including a 2-level D-MODE that offers a ‘T’ mode option for stop-start urban riding, with an ‘S’ mode for a more exciting and powerful experience on the highway.

Its Traction Control System (TCS) prevents rear wheel slippage in loose or wet road surfaces – and for extra security and control, TMAX SX owners have all the benefits provided by the My TMAX Connect system. This industry-exclusive system gives full connectivity, and offers a number of useful functions that are only available on the TMAX models – including engine lock, bike finder, geofence and theft management.

As with all TMAX models, the TMAX SX features Yamaha’s unique locking centre stand provides effective theft protection, while the keyless ignition make every journey a little bit easier.

Available in special Matt Silver and Sword Silver colours.

TMAX SX overview

•    Powerful 530cc, inline, twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine
•    Sporty and dynamic scooter for fast and controlled riding
•    Lightweight aluminium chassis for sporty agility
•    2-level D-MODE gives full control
•    Special Matt Silver and Sword Grey colours
•    Centre stand locking system
•    Sporty and dynamic body design
•    Low weight and high levels of torque
•    Outstanding feeling of acceleration
•    Traction Control System (TCS)
•    ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
•    Sophisticated TFT instruments
•    Industry exclusive My TMAX Connect for connectivity and control

TMAX: Original MAX

Developed, refined and improved over 17 years, the TMAX continues to lead the maxi scooter market in terms of style, performance and attitude. Remaining true to Yamaha’s original ground breaking concept – which revolutionized the scooter market by blending motorcycle DNA with dynamic sports bike style and unbeatable day-to-day convenience – the 2018 TMAX is still the definitive maxi scooter.

With a high standard specification that includes a lightweight aluminium chassis, motorcycle-type suspension and a high torque 530cc engine, the TMAX is the ultimate standard sport scooter.

The TMAX’s high performance, dynamic feel and thrilling sports handling makes every journey something to look forward to. Riding with the TMAX, the commute into the city becomes an event in itself – and every weekend has the potential to turn into an adventure.

TMAX overview

•    Powerful 530cc, inline, twin cylinder, liquid cooled engine
•    Sporty and dynamic motorcycle-style design
•    Agile and sporty lightweight aluminium chassis
•    Traction Control System (TCS) gives stability
•    Large storage space for two jet helmets
•    Low weight and high levels of torque
•    Outstanding feeling of acceleration
•    ‘Smart Key’ keyless ignition system
•    Sophisticated TFT instruments
•    Centre stand locking system
•    Battery charging socket
•    Wide selection of Genuine Accessories




TMAX SX Sport Edition


Large underseat storage V V V V
Smart Key system V V V V
Centre stand locking system V V V V
12V battery-charging socket V V V V
TFT instrumental panel V V V V
D-Mode V V V
My TMAX Connect V V V
High-quality interior detail finishing V V V
Exclusive Akrapovic V
Sport screen and sport license plate holder V
Cruise control V
Adjustable rear shock absorber V
Heated grips and seat V
Electrically adjustable screen V

Colours and availability

TMAX SX Sport Edition Matt Silver
Sword Silver
Available April 2018
TMAX SX Matt Silver
Sword Silver
Available March 2018
TMAX DX Phantom Blue
Sword Silver
Available March 2018
TMAX Standard Midnight Black
Available March 2018

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha has developed a range of high quality Genuine Accessories for the TMAX models, enabling every customer to build his or her very own unique Sport Scooter. The line up includes a choice of Akrapovič exhausts, as well as top cases, an apron, and a sport screen – plus a range of stylistic bolt on accessories, protectors and billet levers are also available.

My Garage: Building scooters to believe in

Yamaha owners or potential customers can now create their dream scooter by using the online model configurator on the Yamaha Sport Scooter product pages – or, even cooler, with a mobile App showing the chosen Genuine Accessories directly on the TMAX in stunning 360 3D views. The Yamaha My Garage App can be easily downloaded with a mobile device from the Apple App store or the Android Google play store.
•    Youtube: https://youtu.be/6K4VvO_VTDs
•    iOS: https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/mygarageios
•    Android: https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/mygarageandroid

Yamaha Genuine Apparel

The Genuine Apparel line-up includes a selection of Sport Scooter gear designed for Yamaha TMAX owners, including two new riding jackets for 2018, plus a selection of casual wear including T-shirts, caps, sweaters, body warmers and jackets.

2018 Yamaha Sport Scooters

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