Nolangroup Presents Two New Full-face HelmetsNolangroup presents two new full-face helmets: Nolan N80-8 and N60-6.

It was in 1972 that Nolan presented the N01, the first injection-moulded jet helmet in LEXANTM polycarbonate. In 2022 the company will celebrate 50 years of history and continues to offer the market helmets that have contributed to the involvement of the sector, with the same passion that it has always demonstrated. Nolangroup is currently the leading manufacturer in Europe, with 400,000 helmets/year made entirely in Italy.

Since Lander Nocchi founded the company (in February 1972), Made in Italy excellence has been one of the factors that have made it unique, together with a constant commitment to research and innovation. These are values that are reflected once again in the 2022 collection, which sees the addition to the range of two new Nolan full-face models in polycarbonate: N80-8 and N60-6. Two helmets that perfectly encompass the know-how gained over these 50 glorious years of history.

The N80-8 is the new Nolan top-of-the range on-road full-face helmet, the heir to the extremely popular N87. The bold and modern design enhances every detail, from the shell to the air intakes. Thanks to its rich technical characteristics and standard equipment, it is the ideal helmet for any occasion, from long urban trips to the most challenging journeys, whatever the motorbike used and the destination to be reached.

The N60-6, on the other hand, is the new entry-level on-road full face helmet by Nolan, characterized by a contemporary and sporting design. Its technical features make it suitable for any situation, both in the city and on the motorway.

Nolangroup Presents Two New Full-face Helmets

These two helmets express the attention to detail and the technological development that the company based in Brembate di Sopra has honed over the years. N80-8 and N60-6 encompass the progress made by Nolangroup both on and off the racetrack. Nolan’s commitment to the world of competitive sports, with the sponsoring of riders who have reached important milestones, has also made a significant contribution to the development of on-road helmets. N80-8 is one example, as it offers a number of technical characteristics of “racing” origin, such as NERS (NOLAN EMERGENCY RELEASE SYSTEM) and LPC (LINER POSITIONING CONTROL), elements that make the Nolan N80-8 a top-of-the-range helmet.

Nolangroup Presents Two New Full-face Helmets

However, the design of the products has also played a key role in the success of the Italian company. The in-house style department has always presented graphics that are in line with market trends. In order to celebrate this special anniversary, this year sees the introduction to the range of brand-new commemorative livery, with elegant graphics that are, at the same time, sporting and full of character, with gold iconic detailing and the specially developed 50th logo.

The company based in Brembate di Sopra is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary with decidedly positive financial results: the financial statements for 2020/2021 show turnover of 50 million euros, marking an increase of 25% over the previous year, and an EBITDA of around 9 million euros. These are significant results that underline the success of Made in Italy excellence, which now more than ever is appreciated in the more than 70 countries all over the world to which Nolangroup exports its products.

Nolangroup Presents Two New Full-face Helmets

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Nolangroup Presents Two New Full-face Helmets
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