REV’IT! Xena 4 Ladies: AAA-rated women’s leather one pieceWith the launch of the all-new Xena 4 Ladies one piece, REV’IT! is shifting gears to set female riders up to shift the status quo.

In sportive road riding, track action, and true racing efforts. Aimed at providing top-tier riding confidence, an outspokenly clean design, and a fit optimized for the female form. Discover the Xena 4 Ladies one piece now at your official REV’IT! dealer and on Pricing and sizing details below.

High-speed riding comfort
Building on the established Xena Ladies line, this fourth generation may follow in the aesthetic footsteps of its one-piece predecessor, but beneath the skin it is more revolution than evolution. With a focus on providing the high-speed riding comfort you need to ride to the limit, stretch levels have been upgraded all throughout the design, knee slider patches and the underlying knee construction are fully revised to offer riders maximum control, and in terms of safety, it’s up there with the very best in REV’IT!’s racing range.

Rev'it! Xena 4 Ladies: Aaa-rated Women’s Leather One PieceProtection in all the right places
Boasting a AAA safety rating and CE-level 2 protection in all the right places, REV’IT! equipped the Xena 4 Ladies with additional stretch, allowing you to wear the Xena 4 Ladies one piece with airbag vest – a contemporary safety must. Mind you, REV’IT! advises going up one size on your regular size to accommodate either an Avertum Tech-Air® or the Tech-Air® airbag vest.

Dialed in safety – known good looks
On top of dialed-in safety and the Xena line’s known good looks, there’s plenty of ventilation all throughout and simple, yet very welcome, practical features like removable and washable liners, a hydration pack-prepared speedhump, and the same labels and tech REV’IT! applies to all their race-ready suits – and if the Xena 4 Ladies one piece is one thing; it’s ready for the track and ready to race.

Rev'it! Xena 4 Ladies: Aaa-rated Women’s Leather One PieceColors and specifics
The Xena 4 Ladies will be available in the quintessential and stylish Black-White colorway as well as a Black-Blue option that combines a deep, Yamaha-derived blue with carefully weighed pink accents.

Rev'it! Xena 4 Ladies: Aaa-rated Women’s Leather One PieceXENA 4 LADIES ONE PIECE

€ 899,99
CHF 949,90
£ 849.99
DKK 6.799,00
PLN 4.499,00
SEK 10.499,00
NOK 10.499,00
$ 1,099.99
CAD 1,399.99

One piece available in the colors Black-Blue and Black-White
Sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46