Super Soco Launches New Learner-friendly Electric MotorcycleBritain’s most popular electric motorcycle brand, Super Soco, has recently launched a brand new 50cc equivalent electric motorcycle, the TSx. The stylish, sporty-styled machine has been created to cater for new riders looking to get on two wheels and comes with a top speed of 45mph (unrestricted) and a range of 40 miles on one battery.  
With the more powerful TC Max receiving an upgrade in power for 2020, the UK’s most popular electric motorcycle brand, Super Soco, has also just launched an all-new learner-friendly machine aimed at new riders. The TSx is equivalent to a 50cc petrol machine and is suitable for people aged 16 and over; making it the perfect machine for those riders looking for a fun and greener alternative to get around town or ride to college on.
The incredibly lightweight machine weighs in at just 70kg and is powered by a Bosch 1900W Motor, capable of speeds of 45mph (unrestricted) or 28mph as standard. The nimble machine is capable of travelling up to 40 miles on one battery charge but has space to house an additional second battery, boosting the range to 80 miles. The removable battery can be fully recharged in just three and half hours.
With a linked braking system, inverted hydraulic suspension, aluminium rims and a modern electronic dash, the TSx features the latest in rider accessories and comes in four colours, black, grey, orange or red. For those riding or commuting at night, the bike is equipped with a 4000cd front beam and an integrated wrap around LED taillight to ensure maximum visual impact.
The TSx is in dealers now and costs £2,999
Andy Fenwick, Super Soco UK, added “The TSx is the perfect machine for those people looking to make their first step into the world of motorcycling. Incredibly lightweight and nimble, the bike is ideal for those living and commuting around town and who want to make their journey cheaper, greener and a lot more fun!”

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