Taller Screen For Yamaha Tracer 9Designed to fit the 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 and GT, this new screen from Skidmarx is 10cm taller than the original, providing significantly more protection from the elements.

Manufactured in the UK 4mm acrylic for maximum rigidity, the Tracer 9 screen fits directly onto existing mounting points, using the original fasteners, so it’s just a matter of removing the factory-fitted screen and replacing it with the new one.

Available in clear or light grey and dark grey tints, the screen is 63cm tall and fits the Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT (2021), retailing for £99.95 including VAT.

Call Skidmarx on 01305 780808 or visit www.skidmarx.co.uk for details.

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Taller Screen For Yamaha Tracer 9

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