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The Power To Travel With OptimateKeep bike batteries topped up on tour with OptiMate’s handy Solar Duo Travel Kits, which can now charge and maintain both lead acid and lithium 12V batteries.

Perfect for race paddocks, campsites and overland trails, as well as sheds and garages that are off-grid, OptiMate’s new Solar Duo Travel Kits can charge and maintain motorcycle batteries using only the sun’s power.

Thanks to intelligent charging technology, the Kits convert low power from the solar panel to the high current pulses needed for effective battery charging. The smart charger-controller delivers power to the battery only when the solar panel receives sun. When the sun goes down, it switches into battery monitor mode, indicating battery status every three seconds. The easy-to-read 4-LED panel – which can be positioned close to the vehicle – allows the user to follow charge and maintenance progress easily.

Travel Kits are completely safe to use with all STD, AGM and GEL 12V batteries, from 2Ah to 240Ah, and 12.8V lithium batteries too. They won’t overcharge and are designed to be more effective than traditional solar chargers, which only deliver a small current and, on cloudy days, can potentially draw power from the battery.

OptiMate Travel Kits are especially useful for riders who want to recharge smartphones, action cameras, airbag jackets, etc, using power from the bike while it is parked.

Versions are available from 10W to 60W and each kit includes everything needed to get charging: high intensity poly crystalline solar panel, OptiMate Solar Duo controller, crocodile clips and weatherproof battery lead. OptiMate thoughtfully supply suction mounts for flat surfaces and a handy travel bag for easy transportation.

Prices start at £146.99 including VAT for the Solar Duo 10W Travel Kit.

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The Power To Travel With Optimate

Biker T-shirts UK


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Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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