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Three New Luggage Kits From VenturaKiwi luggage specialists Ventura have announced fitting kits for Honda’s new CB650F and updated VFR800F, as well as the Ducati Hyperstrada 820.

Ventura’s pack rack system has traditionally appealed to riders of sports bikes, because it combines the lightness of soft luggage with the stability of hard luggage, without increasing the width of the bike or affecting handling.

The system consists of three, easy-to-fit elements: L-Brackets, Rack and Pack. Bolt the tailor-made L-brackets to existing mounting points on the bike, slide on the Pack Rack, then clip your chosen Pack in place. When riding solo, the pack sits over the pillion seat to keep the weight closer to the bike’s centre of gravity, for a stable ride. When carrying a passenger, simply flip the bag round, so it sits on the rack.

Both the Pack and Rack can be removed in seconds, leaving only the discrete L-Brackets behind. An added bonus is that there’s no need for unreliable bungee cords that can snap, loosen or scratch/scuff bodywork.

Prices for the L-Brackets start at £116- for the Ducati; £125- for the Honda CB650F and £127- for the VFR800. Matching Pack Racks cost £52-. Prices for Bike-Packs start from £90- (the 47-litre Mistral 1 Pack pictured sells for £150-), all including VAT.

Call O1256 7O49O9 or visit for a full fitment list and to view the pack options

Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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