Universal Usb Sockets From Nippy NormansFollowing the success of their Dual USB Sockets for BMW motorcycles, Nippy Normans now offer two universal versions, suitable for non-BMW machines and designed for a quick and easy DIY fit.

With most riders relying on smartphones and other devices for turn-by-turn navigation, communication, web connectivity, video recording, photos and music, on-bike USB charging is fast becoming an essential.

The new sockets – based on Nippy Normans’ popular BMW-specific versions – offer the facility to power multiple devices on the move, without having to resort to fiddly and often unreliable adapters.

Two versions are available: a Panel Mount, which can be fitted in place of a cigarette lighter socket or in a convenient panel; and Handlebar Mount, which comes with its own sturdy bracket.

Both sockets have been specifically designed to be fitted at home, using basic tools and common sense.

Each one comes with simple wiring already attached – a fused live and an earth – for direct attachment to the bike’s battery or wiring loom. The socket itself then simply clips onto to the wiring via a built-in connector.

Both ports are weatherproof when in use – specially designed rubber membranes seal around the USB plug when it is inserted, protecting it against dust, dirt and moisture.

When not in use, separate rubber caps – easily opened whilst wearing gloves – pop over the top of each port.

The Sockets have an output of 5 volts, so they are compatible with most smartphones, sat-navs and tablets, with Intelligent device recognition to detect Apple and Android devices.

Protection from output overvoltage, overheating and short-circuit is built in for complete peace of mind. Each port also has a current limiter (2.3 Amps for Port 1 and 1.0 Amps for Port 2).

The Panel Mount socket retails at £39-; the Handlebar Mount version costs £44- (both including VAT).

For further information visit the UK’s no.1 BMW and touring accessory specialist www.nippynormans.com

Universal Usb Sockets From Nippy Normans

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