Upgrading Your Aluminum Side Cases And Top Case, Inside And OutGIVI turn aluminum suitcases into a 100% customisable item thanks to an extensive collection of accessories.

Most users of trail and touring bikes, and those who are passionate about two wheeled travel in general, know of the existence and great advantages of aluminum suitcases and top case. However, not everyone is aware of the number of articles that specialised brands, such as the GIVI, have devised and developed to complete what are the perfect storage solutions when it comes to long distance adventures. The brand provides extremely functional accessories with the ‘Made In Italy’ seal of quality.

Recently, the replica of the courtesy light for car boots was applied to motorcycle top cases thanks to GIVI and its E198 model. Now it is possible to immerse oneself in a world of accessories for the most popular ranges of suitcases. In their eagerness to make life on two wheels easier, GIVI and its R&D department are always devising useful solutions for the most demanding travellers, including products such as:

Interior lining: Aimed at completing the Trekker Outback range and select models in the new Trekker Alaska collection, these interior panels and luggage lids safeguard the integrity of the most delicate objects. Thanks to this accessory, friction and vibrations are eliminated.

Ergonomic handle: For owners of Outback and Dolomiti aluminum cases, GIVI have developed a universal ergonomic handle to add to these cases and facilitate their transport once they are undocked from the motorcycle. Another transport option for the side cases is the E143 carry handle.

Interior elastic net: To make the most of the available space inside the top case, this E168 accessory allows quick access to essential items such as a first aid kit, a puncture repair kit, a rain suit or even the new T521 folding backpack.

Internal bags: GIVI have provided a wide range of internal bags of different capacities for the riders who want easy organisation and transportation of the luggage they carry in their side cases or top case. These include comfortable bags with handles and different compartments more akin to a conventional travel bag, through to 100% waterproof bags made of PVC Tarpaulin 500D, welded at high frequency, seamless and with roll top closure.

Reflective stickers: They may be a final detail, but without a doubt this pair of stickers to place on the side cases or top case increases the safety and visibility of the motorcyclist on a trip.

Holder for bottles or gas can: The more adventurous riders know of the need to carry essential liquids for the motorcycle and for the rider themselves. GIVI have developed several stainless steel supports, to which to attach thermal water bottles and a small gasoline can to the suitcases.

Passenger backrest: One of the accessories most valued by passengers are these backrests, made of two pieces of polyurethane that reduce vibrations and allow the back to be supported in a comfortable way by the top case.

These, and many more GIVI items, provide a boost for motorcycle trips and make any journey on two wheels a more comfortable experience. For more information about this product or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit www.givi.co.uk or call 01327 706220.

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For more information about these products or any other accessories for your motorcycle visit www.givi.co.uk or call 01327 706220

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Upgrading Your Aluminum Side Cases And Top Case, Inside And Out

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