Void Commuting Misery And Rising Fuel CostsVoid commuting misery and rising fuel costs with £250 off the Super Soco CPx.
As a summer of train strikes and ever-rising fuel costs looms ahead, Super Soco is making it even more cost-effective to switch to electric transport. The UK’s leading electric motorcycle brand is offering a huge £250 discount on its best-selling CPx maxi-scooter until 31 July 2022.
The limited-time offer brings the cost of the CPx down to just £3,749*. The 125cc-equivalent machine is the UK’s most popular electric powered two-wheeler ever, outselling all other electric models as well as many well-established petrol-powered brands.
Billed as the ultimate commuter, the CPx is designed to meet the needs of the urban professional. Laden with a host of features and technology, it offers a range of up to 80 miles and can effortlessly navigate the most demanding of city commutes.
Those who currently commute by public transport are potentially facing a difficult summer with the continuing threat of strike action. This is despite a 3.8% rise in train fares earlier this year, with the average season ticket now costing considerably more than the discounted price tag of the Super Soco CPx.
Meanwhile, fuel prices have reached unprecedented levels and are set to keep rising. A full tank of petrol or diesel for a 55-litre vehicle now costs in excess £100**, causing a significant increase in the cost of the average daily commute by car. In short, there has never been a better time to switch to electric transport.
In comparison to both train travel and fuel-powered vehicles, investing in an electric motorcycle drastically reduces ongoing expenses when it comes to the commute. The Super Soco CPx costs just less than 2p per mile to run*** and is exempt from road tax, ULEZ and Clean Air Zone charges.
The Super Soco CPx can be ridden upon successful completion of a one-day Compulsory Basic Training course (CBT), and thanks to the lack of gears, it is incredibly simple to operate and ride. The easily removable batteries that can be re-charged within 3-4 hours from a domestic three-pin plug, making it extremely convenient.
Richard Jordan, CEO of Super Soco UK:
“The move towards electric vehicle ownership is of course inevitable, but the recent hikes in fuel costs and issues caused by rail strikes have accelerated that movement. Super Soco’s focus is on urban mobility, offering an efficient, affordable, convenient and zero emission way of travelling in towns and cities. We hope the £250 discount will help more people switch to electric and make significant long-term savings on the cost of their daily journeys.”
Anyone purchasing a brand-new Super Soco CPx from an official dealership before 31 July 2022 will receive a £250 discount. For more information of Super Soco and to find your nearest dealer visit www.supersoco.co.uk
*single battery version price, inclusive of VAT and OZEV grant, exclusive of registration.
**According to RAC Fuel Watch on 22/6/22
***Based on 2022 average electricity costs of approximately £0.28 per kWh, depending on your energy supplier.Void Commuting Misery And Rising Fuel Costs

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