Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 01Zero Motorcycles reveals new 2021 lineup featuring updated design and engineering elements for an elevated riding experience.

The company’s 2021 Model Year lineup is headlined by the category-defining SR/S and will feature updated colours and graphics for each model.

 Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in electric motorcycles and powertrains, has announced product specs and offerings for the model year 2021 lineup. The updated product line is headlined by the reintroduction of the transformational SR/S, released earlier this year. The SR/S is Zero’s first fully faired bike, and is engineered to reward riders with 13% improvement in highway efficiency and range versus its naked sibling, the SR/F. All Zero electric motorcycles for the 2021 line are powered with Zero’s cutting-edge Cypher operating systems. Industry-leading engineering and technology blends together for effortless power, control, and connection. This is in addition to the updated colours and graphic options throughout the model line.

“The challenges that have come to everyone in 2020 have created some unique bright spots and opportunities for Zero Motorcycles including an amazing boost to our already healthy dual sport model sales” said Sam Paschel, CEO. “Our facility also had a pair of closures due to pandemic-related lockdowns and recent wildfires which allowed us to stop and take a strategic look at our manufacturing footprint and make improvements that will prove beneficial for years to come.”

Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 07

Zero Motorcycles SRF

The firm has continued to produce more electric motorcycles than any other competitor each year, something it is keen to note has been a crowning achievement for each of the past 13 years. Even in the unpredictable circumstances of 2020, Zero managed to deliver the industry’s most complete and richest product line of electric motorcycles available once again.

“Zero has pivoted this year to make massive reinvestments in order to optimize our production and grow our manufacturing footprint.” said Sam Paschel, CEO. “As a result, we’ve properly managed the trials and tribulations of 2020 and are excited to be coming out the other side having maintained our healthy and booming dealer network. Whether you’re looking for a dual sport bike to conquer new terrain and adventure, or a nimble and light performance bike to tackle the front lines of city traffic, Zero has something for every rider.”

Zero has continued to progress in rider comfort by extending a more relaxed riding position to passengers by matching the driver’s lower pegs and higher handlebars. Fine-tuned suspension adds another level of luxury to the ride. These elements, paired with Zero’s Cypher III operating system, provide seamless and precise performance for consistent, superior riding. Integrated Bosch MSC Systems, renowned for dynamic acceleration, offer improved stability for SR/S riders no matter the road surface or conditions. These systems working together also result in best-in-class straight-line ABS cornering brake control, traction control, and drag torque control.

Zero’s 2021 electric bike offerings feature elevated connectivity through Zero’s collaborative App to provide riders with current bike status, location, and more ride information, such as the ability to monitor their bike in four main areas: Bike Status Alerts, Charging, Ride Data Sharing, System Upgrades, and Updates.

Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 02

Zero Motorcycles SR/S

Zero’s 2021 Sport Model category features the cutting-edge SR/S. Its elevated look and feel are aligned with an aerodynamic fairing that leads to a 13% improvement in highway efficiency and range when leaned into the cockpit. Additionally, a lower foot position and a higher handlebar height result in a more upright and relaxed riding position. Its ergonomic comfort extends to two-up riding, giving passengers the ride of their life with matching lower pegs and a larger seating area. The 2021 SR/S is available in both Cerulean Blue and Skyline Silver, with standard and premium models retailing for £18,090 and £20,090, respectively.

The award-winning SR/F, which changed the course of the electric vehicle industry, will be available in all new colours: Black/Silver and Mint/Red (with black wheels). New for 2021, the SR/F standard and premium versions will each come with a fly screen. The aluminum bar ends, heated grips, and a 6kw on-board charger remain part of the premium version. The standard and premium 2021 SR/F retails for £17,490 and £19,490, respectively.

Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 03

Zero Motorcycles SR

The SR, the original Zero hotrod street bike, will be available with new Red/Black colourways for a price of £13,990.

For the ultimate balance of power to weight for entry-level riding, the S ZF14.4 11kw, Zero’s original naked electric bike, is available in updated Grey/Blue colours for £12,690.

Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 04

Zero Motorcycles FXS

The agile 2021 Zero FXS is the only companion you need when battling traffic on the city streets. Light, nimble, and obscenely fun to ride, the 2021 FXS comes in a new striking Grey/Gold livery. It’s also available as an 11kw version, priced at £10,350.

Zero’s 2021 Dual Sport lineup, which features the FX, DS, DSR, and DSR Black Forest bikes in all new colours and graphics, is perfect for the rider looking to unlock adventure or take to the streets. The 2021 Zero DSR Black Forest leads the pack and is the unequaled option for effortless adventure. Outfitted for any possible trail with top and side cases, dropbars, handguards, touring screen and 12V accessory socket. In Europe the DSR Black Forest also comes with a headlight grill and fog lights, which are for off-road use only. The DSR Black Forest is available in an all black design, priced at £18,090.

For riders looking for ultimate adventure and best range available, Zero’s 2021 DSR offers up to 203 miles per charge. The bike combines thrilling performance with an unparalleled array of parts and accessories. Available in Matt Brown/Gold, the DSR retails for £13,990.

Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 05

Zero Motorcycles DS

Zero’s 2021 DS ZF14.4 11kw is the perfect entry-level dual sport electric motorcycle and serves as a gateway into adventure. More capable and more customizable than virtually any ICE competitor with class-leading integrated storage, the DS ZF14.4 11kw will be available in all new Matt Grey/Green colours, retailing at £12,690.

Light, fast and capable, Zero’s 2021 FX is the perfect electric bike for getting away and escaping. The FX can navigate virtually any obstacle for up to 90 miles and will be available in a new Black/Green colour combination, with a 7.2 kWh power pack, for £10,350.

All 2021 Zero Motorcycles models are available at any one of the hundreds of dealerships across North America and Europe and are shipping right now from the company’s California factory offices.

Zero Motorcycles Reveals 2021 Line Up 06

Zero Motorcycles FX

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Note, all quoted prices are inclusive of VAT and include the deduction of the £1500 UK Government Electric Vehicle Grant.

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