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Givi Trekker Ii 35This is not merely an evolution of the veteran and popular Trekker, where round plastic cases and square aluminium cases meet. The “II” is an entirely new and parallel project that updates the range with interesting aspects, including an unexpected price and a truly attractive look.

One TREKKER has become two, both equipped with the Monokey system. The first has “travelled” around the world for some time. Now, the “II” is being introduced to the public at the Milan Show.

What unites them is the idea that brought the line to life—adding a high-tech touch to the plastic structure through the skilful use of aluminium sheets. The remaining features take them to two different levels.

The TREKKER II 35 (which indicates its internal capacity in litres) immediately stands out for its new and personal aesthetic. The lid, featuring a rounded and slightly curved shape, is completed by an aluminium cover that “hooks” on all 4 sides with plastic inserts, creating a bold and protective effect. A sort of “case shield”. GIVI strikes with even greater impact, giving you the ability to choose between a case with a Natural (TKR35N) or Black (TRK35B) aluminium insert, based on your motorcycle’s look.

The accessibility offered by the TREKKER II 35, that is the purchase price, is another important quality. The company has worked miracles with the price/performance relationship, never sacrificing the quality of the construction or the materials. For example, the standard lock is the sturdy “Security Lock”.

This case also has the advantage of being pluralist… in the sense that it can be mounted on the side or as a top case. Including it among the Monokey models makes it a feasible choice for any type of motorcyclist. In other words, it might “intrigue” the owner of a scooter seeking a particular top case, the owner of a naked bike looking for a couple of compact and curvy side cases, or even the motorcycle tourist in search of a trio of cases at a genuinely competitive price.

When used as a top case, the TREKKER II 35 is compatible with any Monokey plate. When fastened on the side, it holds the PL, PLO, PLR and PLOR side frames.
Max Load: 10 kg (excluding the weight of the case).
Size in cm: 53.8 x 43.4 x 24.8 (LxWxH). Optional: T484B soft inner bag. Single key for cases bought as a pair (with the bonus of a third cylinder for use on any top case).Givi Trekker Ii 35

Biker T-shirtsClick here for more info on Vitesse T-Shirts UK

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