Embark on a liberating journey from the confines of your car and transform your daily grind into an exhilarating adventure, discovering the biker within you.
You’re Already a Biker and You Don’t Know It – A Licence to Ride

Zero S

Contrary to common misconceptions, entering the world of two-wheeled freedom is more straightforward and accessible than imagined. A mere Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) assessment is the key to unlocking the hassle-free ownership of full-size motorcycles, exemplified by the ground breaking Zero S and DS models.

You’re Already A Biker And You Don’t Know It - A Licence To Ride

Zero DS

Zero Motorcycles beckons riders to take control of their everyday riding experience. The newly introduced S and DS models boast an impressive 14.4kWh battery, delivering unmatched power and torque for their segment. With an uncomplicated twist of the throttle, revel in the excitement generated by 97 ft-lb of torque, propelling you to a top speed of 86mph—a performance exceeding expectations for a learner-legal motorcycle. The five pre-loaded riding modes, customizable through Zero’s intuitive NextGen app and dash interface, amplify the rider’s control. Enhanced by fully adjustable Showa suspension, Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires, Bosch-developed ABS braking, and Zero’s cutting-edge Cypher III+ operating system, the 2024 Zero S and DS promise an approachable yet adrenaline-pumping experience every time you hit the road.

Concerned about running out of power? Flexibility is paramount with various charging options, be it at home, work, or any compatible charging station, including a standard 3-pin wall socket. Assuage your fears—with a city range of up to 154 miles on a single full charge, the S and DS models empower you to commute with confidence. Delivering 11kW of continuous power, compliant with A1 license regulations, these models offer a ride without the need for a full motorcycle test. Priced at £15,300 for the Zero S and £16,200 for the Zero DS (plus on the road charges), the former boasts a new White-Silver colourway, while the latter dons a Quicksilver livery.

You’re Already A Biker And You Don’t Know It - A Licence To Ride

Zero FX

For urban adventurers, the FX and FXE beckon. Infused with 78 ft-lb of torque and a city range of 105 miles on a full charge, these futuristic, lightweight electric motorcycles (at just 140kg) effortlessly elevate your everyday commute into a thrilling journey. Charge up at home or the office using a standard 3-pin socket and redefine mastery over your daily travel.

Umberto Uccelli, Managing Director, EMEA, remarked, “These new models solidify Zero Motorcycles’ position as the leading electric motorcycles brand. With just a CBT, car drivers can take advantage of an excellent price to get riding a real motorcycle with real performance. Zero Motorcycles truly has a motorcycle for every level of motorcyclist.”

You’re Already A Biker And You Don’t Know It - A Licence To Ride

Zero FXE

To embark on this electrifying journey, car drivers need only undergo an affordable and readily available CBT assessment. Upon completion, riders can use an A1 motorcycle on public roads, subject to provisional license restrictions—displaying L plates, avoiding pillion passengers, and refraining from motorway rides.

Go on. Unleash the biker within by paying a visit to your nearby Zero Motorcycles dealership and delve into the extraordinary realm of Zero S, DS, FX, and FXE. Find your nearest dealer here – https://zeromotorcycles.com/en-gb/dealer-locator

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