Zero Powers Midnight Mile – The British All-electric Motorcycle RaceZero Motorcycles, the global leader in all-electric motorcycles and powertrains, is to partner with one of 2020’s wildest motorcycle races, hosting the ‘Midnight Mile’ at this month’s Malle Mile.

The Malle Mile is a gloriously eccentric ‘inappropriate motorcycle race and exhibition in motion’ held in the grounds of a 17th century manor house, and electric motorcycles will have their own showcase in the spectacular Zero-backed ‘Midnight Mile’.

While the Malle Mile is an ‘anything goes’ event, Zero found themselves ‘banned’ (politely of course) from racing against their petrol powered rivals in last year’s sprint races, as the 190Nm of instant torque from the Zero SR/F roadster (shod with off-road knobbly tyres, of course) gave it an unfair advantage in the 1/8 mile drag strip laid out in the Hall’s grounds.

The Midnight Mile is exclusively for electric powered motorcycles. As the name suggests, the sprints take place under cover of darkness, but set against the backdrop of a spectacular light and sound display. In the Midnight Mile, competitors are encouraged to don fancy dress and riding gear, and to decorate their ‘inappropriate’ motorcycles with additional lighting.

“The Malle Mile is a unique event and we’re delighted to be involved,” said Dale Robinson, Zero Motorcycles’ UK Country Manager. “It’s a fun and quirky race and a great place to showcase the Zero brand and products. Last year one of our dealers, English Electric Motorcycle Company, put some off-road tyres on their SR/F and entered alongside the petrol bikes, but it was so fast it was politely asked to leave the competition. When we had the chance to get more involved this year we just couldn’t say no!”

As well as the racing, the Malle Mile features Motopolo, literally polo on motorcycles, luxury camping, custom bike exhibitions and motorcycle themed art and photography exhibitions. Also on site will be ‘The Metropolis’ where Zero will be exhibiting some models from its 2020 range.

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